The C-Tech Automation team. About us

Specialists in food and drink manufacturing

We’re the C-Tech Automation team.

We’ve all worked on the automation solutions that are at the heart of our customer business. We have years of hands-on experience dealing with the challenges manufacturers face in implementing automated processes in high-care, low-care and low-risk environments.

And we’re committed to overcoming these challenges because we believe that the sector’s heavy reliance on people to perform manual handling tasks is holding back progress on quality and efficiency improvements.

Opportunities for digitalisation – Data-driven improvements

The purpose of C-Tech Automation is to address these problems and drive automation and digitalisation, primarily in the food and drink sector but in others, too. We’re working towards removing manual handling jobs and replacing these with flexible automation that will support more opportunities for digitalisation.

Digitalisation will enable businesses to gather high-quality production and operational information to support both real-time efficiency and data capture for traceability purposes.

Effective transformation A new level of connectivity

Our vision is to undertake a simple and effective digital transformation for the sector. Starting with our own site we’re well on the way to creating a wholly new layer of digital connectivity. This has enabled us to look at the production site with fresh eyes and add data to support decision making; it has turned us into an intelligent customer of automation providers.

Now, we can define our current and future needs accurately, and create specification documents with impact and without the guesswork.

Offering our know-howProven solution

Because of our location and connection to a large food group we’ve tried out all our ideas and concepts first-hand on the site and we know they work.

In offering our know-how to you we’re not trying to replace your established suppliers and partners. We’re here to support you to work more effectively with them, by enabling you to create a strategy for informed technology adoption that is more than a simple capital equipment replacement programme.

Effective transformation Our site as a reference site

So, as we’ve said, our goal is to support food and drink manufacturers to adopt more technological and digital methods of production. And, to do this, we plan to use our own site to try out technologies that may be suitable for the wider sector.

Our unique skills and ability to seek out alternative solutions for trial make us an ideal entry point for new and disruptive suppliers who want to enter the sector.

If you’d like to get in touch directly, you can reach us via phone or email

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