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While working in research and development, Matt realised that the absence of a roadmap and a system to enable effective technological adoption meant the food and drink sector would always be behind the curve. We created C-Tech to change this. 

Our service approach is simple. 

Let us come to your site, see what you do, how and why. We’ll leave you with insights and ideas about the next steps to take and the confidence that you’ll know how to move forward.

We see our journey with you as a long-term relationship. We’re committed to helping the food and drink manufacturing sector to learn together and, in time, speak with one voice.

Proven technologiesStill not convinced?

Come to our site. Let us host you at C-Tech and show you how we are adopting digital technologies to improve quality and boost efficiencies in our own food processing facilities.

If you’d like to get in touch directly, you can reach us via phone or email

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